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BIAS CUT – Morgan Richter

Ebook Price: $2.99

Paperback Price: $15.00

General Fiction/Mystery — Burned out and bitter after a string of disappointments, Nicola Strozyk takes a short-term gig assisting Laurie Sparks, the design world’s reigning enfant terrible. Barely in his twenties, Laurie has built himself an empire encompassing a chic Manhattan boutique and a role on an obnoxious reality series. Part worldly sophisticate and part cheerful scatterbrain, Laurie is beautiful and extravagant; at nearly twice his age, Nicola is jaded and resolutely unglamorous. When Laurie becomes obsessed with tracking down the origins of a mysterious coat, he and Nicola embark upon a champagne-fueled quest that takes them from the New York catwalks to glittery Hollywood parties and posh hotel suites in Paris. What begins as a lark takes an ominous turn when they start to unravel a decades-old mystery surrounding the murders of two young models. Nicola must protect Laurie from a pair of deadly threats: a mercurial fellow designer hell-bent on burying a dark secret, and an obsessive killer who has fixed his sights on Laurie.

BIAS CUT won a silver medal at the 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards and was a 2012 semi-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA).

 “[F]resh and dark… Snappy dialogue and accomplished descriptions are effortlessly woven into the catty and surprisingly nebulous world of Fashion Week and Emmy Award after-parties… Well done.”–Publishers Weekly, an independent organization (review based on an unpublished manuscript as part of the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award)


Changeling coverTHE CHANGELING – Morgan Richter

Ebook Price: $2.99

Paperback Price: $9.00

Young Adult/Contemporary Fantasy — Still reeling from a devastating tragedy, Kit Garrett struggles to adjust to his fancy new prep school. When his estranged older sister Ivy starts undergoing a frightening physical transformation, Kit embarks upon a quest to save her. He follows Ivy into a cave near his school and finds himself stranded twenty years in the future, after a mysterious catastrophe has obliterated almost all traces of human life.

Accompanied by his nemesis Ashley, the star of the school’s lacrosse team, Kit makes his way across a destroyed land in search of his sister. Defenseless and in way over their heads, Kit and Ashley face off against a succession of dangerous and bizarre creatures: vicious imps with a taste for human flesh, telepathic cockroaches, and a gorgeous but lethal glass dragon. While Ivy struggles to come to terms with her ghastly birthright, Kit unearths the long-buried secrets of his own dark past. Kit’s mission becomes clear: rescue Ivy, find a way back to his own time… and save the world, if he can.


Charlotte DentCHARLOTTE DENT – Morgan Richter

Ebook Price: $2.99

Paperback Price: $13.00

General Fiction/Chick Lit — When struggling actress Charlotte Dent is cast as a leggy killer robot in a big, brainless summer blockbuster, the subsequent hiccup of fame sends a shock wave through her life. The perks of entry-level celebrity are balanced by the drawbacks: destructive filmmakers, online ridicule, entitled costars, and an awkward, unsatisfying relationship with the film’s fragile leading man. Self-aware to a fault, Charlotte fights to carve out a unique identity in an industry determined to categorize her as just another starlet, disposable and replaceable. But unless she can find a way to turn her small burst of good fortune into a durable career, she’s destined to sink back into obscurity.

CHARLOTTE DENT was a 2008 semi-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA).

 “From start to end, this is a crisp, fun treatment of Hollywood life.” –Publishers Weekly, an independent organization (review based upon an unpublished manuscript version as a part of the 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award)


Demon City new cover copyDEMON CITY – Morgan Richter

Ebook Price: $2.99

Paperback Price: $11.00

Contemporary Fantasy — In her follow-up to WRONG CITY, Morgan Richter once again takes readers inside a treacherous, alluring version of Los Angeles, where enigmatic supernatural forces manipulate the oblivious inhabitants from behind the scenes.

Felix Dockweiler—former model, current entertainment reporter, and the star of such films as “Frat Party USA”—yearns for fame at any cost. A callow young Omaha native struggling to make an impact in image-obsessed, celebrity-driven Hollywood, Felix torments, exhausts, and starves himself while chasing after a goal that always lies just out of his grasp.

Felix’s fragile status quo is disrupted when a seductive yet violent pair of fire demons blaze into town and rack up a body count while hunting down his troubled younger brother, Michael. As the temperature rises and out-of-control wildfires threaten the city, Felix’s own search for Michael takes him from Hollywood parties to Skid Row flophouses and all points in between. To save Michael, Felix pursues a dangerous alliance with Sparky Mother, a charismatic and unfathomably powerful entertainment mogul with more than a few skeletons in his closet. Meanwhile, Felix’s attempts to secure the job of his dreams begin to look more and more like a negotiation for his mortal soul.


Disconnected coverDISCONNECTED – A.K. Adler

Ebook Price: $4.99

Paperback Price: $15.00

Science Fiction/Time Travel — Mark is single and has just started internet dating. Rebecca has broken up with her long-term boyfriend and moved to a new city. When they meet at a party, they discover they share a unique and magical connection–their telephone line. For when Rebecca calls Mark the next day, the message she leaves inexplicably goes back in time three days. And then things really start to get weird.

DISCONNECTED–a comedy thriller with a twist of romance. And it’s about time, too.


Ethan_Weiss_Front_Cover copyETHAN WEISS and the CITY BETWEEN TWO RIVERS – R. Diskin Black

Ebook Price: $2.99

Paperback Price: $11.00

Middle-grade contemporary fantasy — This world is far, far from all there is. Ethan Weiss knows that. At the age of ten, Ethan enjoys imagining the endless possibilities of infinite parallel universes—worlds with one moon or maybe three moons instead of two, or worlds where dinosaurs survived the Great Plague of the Middle Ages and continue to roam the land. Even worlds where his father is still alive.

Ethan lives on Jane Street with his mother and grandfather in a neighborhood called West Bohemia. In Ethan’s world, people fondly recall the first woman president, Eleanor Roosevelt. Peafowl roam everywhere, causing a nuisance. Marvelous winged flying machines called pterosoars dock at the mast of the Empire State Building. And a rare and wondrous yellow-naped Amazon parrot named Churchill squawks an ominous phrase: “Enslave the city! Enslave the city!” Where did Churchill learn this, and what exactly does it mean?

As darkness approaches and evil spreads through the streets, Ethan finds himself smack in the middle of a war nobody saw coming, and the liberation of his city ultimately rests with him. While history unfolds around him, Ethan slowly comes to terms with the death of his father. The journey he takes proves greater than his personal grief as he learns that, like all fatherless boys, he can grow beyond his own heartbreaking loss.

“An imaginative adventure in a fully realized alternate world that young readers will surely want to visit.”—Kirkus Reviews

FOUR EMPERORS Four Emperors cover copy – Evan Allen

Ebook Price: $2.99

Contemporary Fantasy/Gay Romance Contains explicit sexual content. For mature readers only. Murder, mayhem, and sexy supernatural shenanigans take center stage in FOUR EMPERORS, Evan Allen’s witty, steamy tale of intrigue in the Emerald City. 

When a young waiter at Seattle’s hottest nightclub vanishes, Alex Lin—private eye by day, reckless party boy by night—goes undercover to find him. After Alex clashes with the club’s sinister yet seductive owner, Daniel Bitter, he gets swept into a tangled tale that began two thousand years ago in ancient China, then finds himself caught in the middle of a no-holds-barred grudge match between a quartet of super-powered siblings and their shadowy foe. As Alex starts to fall hard for prime suspect Daniel, his increasingly messy and chaotic personal life threatens to bring his entire investigation crashing down around him.


HookedHOOKED – A.K. Adler

Ebook Price: $4.99

Paperback Price: $11.00

Science Fiction/Time Travel — Jess has some difficulties to deal with. She’s still coming to terms with the death of her father. She has an ex-boyfriend she can’t get out of her life. She has a mother who disapproves of all her life choices.

And, with the aid of her flatmate, she’s about to ‘hook’ Niccolo Machiavelli out of the 16th century and into the 21st to star on her reality TV show.

The last may not have been her finest idea.


Lonely SatelliteLONELY SATELLITE – Morgan Richter

Ebook Price: $2.99

Paperback Price: $13.00

Science Fiction/Post-Apocalyptic — In 1984, a global nuclear catastrophe almost destroyed the world. Thirty years later, American society struggles to rebuild in the face of widespread fear, sickness and paranoia, as the chasm between the haves and the have-nots continues to grow. While fleeing from a gang of marauders, Laurie Sparks, a beautiful young monk with an appetite for the good life and a knack for finding trouble, seeks refuge within a sinister subterranean church and inadvertently exposes the dangerous secrets of his past. Laurie’s adventures take him from desert wastelands to the decaying ruins of once-great cities, from seedy strip clubs and casinos to glamorous yachts on the Pacific and luxurious Park Avenue penthouses. In between nursing a whopping crush on his handsome traveling companion, Jonathan, and dodging the attentions of lechers, miscreants and murderers, Laurie yearns for clean sheets and room service and dreams of becoming the first television star of the post-apocalyptic age.

An alternate-timeline reimagining of Morgan Richter’s award-winning novel BIAS CUT, LONELY SATELLITE is a story about how hope may be found in the middle of desolation, how allies pop up in the unlikeliest of places, and how the apocalypse is easier to face with liberal doses of champagne and frequent bubble baths.

LONELY SATELLITE was a 2014 quarter-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA).

“Great voice for Laurie, very likeable and believable. Terrific language usage, word choice and sentence structure variety. Great dialogue. Really, this is fantastic.” — Amazon Vine Reviewer (review written for ABNA judging purposes)


Three Warlords cover copyTHREE WARLORDS – Evan Allen

EBook Price: $2.99

Contemporary Fantasy/Gay Romance Contains explicit sexual content. For mature readers only.  The sexy supernatural saga that began with FOUR EMPERORS continues with Evan Allen’s spicy, high-spirited THREE WARLORDS.

Eight months ago, reckless young detective Alex Lin first crossed paths with the Four Emperors, a quartet of reincarnated super-powered siblings from ancient China. After finding the love of his life in Daniel Bitter, a moody and mysterious restaurateur with the ability to control the wind, Alex settles down and reforms his notorious party-boy ways. When Daniel dumps him without warning and vanishes, a heartbroken Alex once again finds himself menaced by three sleazy, duplicitous warlords with long-standing grudges against Daniel. While Alex races to find Daniel, more ancient enemies begin to surface as events that were set in motion two thousand years ago come to a head in modern-day Seattle… and Alex is right in the center of all the chaos.


Wrong City 9780985976828WRONG CITY – Morgan Richter

Ebook Price: $2.99

Paperback Price: $11.00

Contemporary Fantasy — While serving hors d’oeuvres to the beautiful people at a glittery Hollywood party, an aspiring young screenwriter named Vish meets Sparky, a charismatic stranger who claims he can do amazing things for Vish’s career. Vish’s attempts to find out more about Sparky set in motion a string of bizarre events, leading to a cushy writing gig on a hit TV series and a too-good-to-be-true romance with Troy, a sweet-natured starlet with a dangerous alter ego. After Troy dumps him without explanation, a heartbroken Vish tries to uncover what went wrong in their relationship. His quest for answers leads him deep into Los Angeles’ seedy, supernatural underbelly, where struggling artists are a disposable commodity and fame often comes at a mortal cost. Vish finds himself at the center of a high-stakes battle between ancient forces for dominance in the entertainment industry. With a foul creature living in the earth beneath his apartment complex, a vicious coterie of murderous surf bums dogging his every move, and a disturbing lack of trustworthy allies, Vish’s best chance for survival lies with the mysterious and powerful Sparky. Vish must track down Sparky before he becomes the latest victim of Hollywood’s deadly allure.